India dan Mimpi-mimpi yang (hampir) sempurna : Awal perjalanan (2)


— 1 January 2017 —

When was the last time you try to do a new thing? Or maybe go to a new place with barely know anything? Me? On the 1st of January 2017. I went to Kota Tua Jakarta with some friends from Makassar for sightseeing and enjoyed the place. But, unfortunately, we came in the wrong time because it was a holiday. It was crowded, full of people, trash everywhere, and the hot weather was almost killing me (okay, this time I was totally exaggerated). Nevertheless, I enjoyed there. With the old buildings, lots of traditional street food around and cheap souvenirs. I got a large backpack with only Rp.155K. 50% cheaper than in Makassar. And 10 bracelets with only Rp.10K. What a price! We also went to ASEMKA, like a souvenirs market near Kota Tua. Unfortunately, The China Town was closed at that time. I believe it would be great to visit.

When I was young, I was too afraid to go anywhere without my parents. My parents forbid me to go around with lots of creepy stories about people. Then, I got into my adult life, became a little bit rebel, scrolled around, and proved to my parents that I am okay. I can go anywhere with always try to be safe. I, of course, still put my parent’s advice in my head. But I wanna show them, that life is too short to stay in one place only. You can be free then still come back to where do you belong with. With family, friends, your hometown.

#thespicyjourney #day2#myspicyjourney


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